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Event Calligraphy & Stationery Design


Hi! I'm Katie. Daughter of Dawn Design specialises in on-site/event calligraphy, and stationery design for those special occasions, offering personalised gifts, cards & prints, as well as signage for weddings & events. I also teach calligraphy in both live and online workshops. 

My business was born from my love for making people smile with things I had made them, whether it was a personalised card, or some framed artwork. Coming up with the name for my business took two seconds, my mum's name is Dawn - you can figure out the rest!

I absolutely love writing calligraphy, with beautiful inks on beautiful paper. I love neutral tones and fine details. I love simple designs & minimal aesthetics. All of this is incorporated into my brand, and into my products. The fact that I get to do this as a job, is a dream come true.


I have always had a creative flare, and I am happiest with a pen, pencil, or paintbrush in hand. I have a degree in Fine Art from Leeds Beckett University, and a masters in Graphic Design from the University of Leeds.


I am originally from North Wales, and I currently live in Liverpool - which I love!


Things that bring me joy - long walks that involve spotting wildlife, pyjamas, watching Disney films (especially pocahontas), dogs, pancakes, and my amazing family.

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